Tent and wind shelters

Bring a sleeping bag

In several recreation areas there are wind shelters, some are along the Skåneleden trail. In Snogeholm there is a site for tents with toilets and also a stable where you can sleep.

Wind shelters

In several of our recreation areas there are wind shelters, often with a barbecue area and toilets nearby. Most of these are adjacent to Skåneleden. Those wind shelters are maintained by the municipality, as part of their work with the Skåneleden.

The following areas have wind shelters:

Breanäs (1, Östra Göinge municipality are responsible) 

Frostavallen (4, Höörs municipality are responsible)

Fulltofta (3, two in the same spot maintained by us, Hörby municipality are responsible for one)

Grytåsa (1, Örkelljunga municipality are responsible)

Järavallen (1, Kävlinge municipality are responsible)

Klåveröd (4, we maintain three, Svalövs municipality are responsible for one)

Skrylle (9, need to be booked, Lunds municipality are responsible)

Snogeholm (2, in the same spot, Sjöbo municipality are responsible)

Tjörnedala (1, Simrishamns municipality are responsible)


You can put up a tent for a night or two according to the Right of Public Access. Be careful to not disturb the landowner or the environment around you. Choose to set up camp on solid ground and not in pasture or agricultural cropland or land recently planted with trees. You need the landowners permission if you are part of a larger group with many tents. 

Some of our recreation areas are, in part or entirely, made up of nature reserves. This means special rules apply for the area, for example that it is not allowed to put up tents. To find out what applies for the recreation area you are visiting, check its page or read the signs in the area. 

Camp site in Snogeholm

A short distance from the cottage Raftarp, in the middle of Snogeholm recreation area, there is a large camp site, Bokerasten camping, where you can put up your tent. Public toilets and showers are available in one of the side buildings. The adress is Snogeholmsvägen 951, Sjöbo. Do you have questions? Contact Elna Larsson, elna.larsson@snogeholmfritid.se or +46 073-7145440.

Sleep in the stable in Snogeholm

In the adjacent stable next to the cottage Raftarp, in the middle of Snogeholm recreation area, there are wooden benches where you can sleep (no heating). The loft costs 50 SEK per person, the minimum charge is, however, 400 SEK. Contact Elna Larsson, elna.larsson@snogeholmfritid.se or +46 073-7145440.