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Cabin capacities

When you bring your own home

If you bring your home with you, we have spaces where you can park. Bokerastens camp site provides basic facilities in the middle of the countryside for caravans and camper vans.

The camp site is situated near the Snogeholm Visitor Centre. At the camp site you can park your caravan. There are toilets, showers, somewhere to wash up and electricity points.

It is not possible to book the camp site in advance. Pay the camping on the website iFiske. After the payment you will get the code to get to the toilet/dishing area.

You have walking distance to Lake Snogeholmssjön, where you can hire a rowing boat or canoe, and the pond Kejsardammen, where you can go fishing.

The camp site is normally open from Easter, April 3rd until December 1st during 2020.

Do you have questions? Contact Snogeholm Fritid AB.


Period Per night (Mon-Fri) Weekend Per week
April - Nov 200 SEK 200 SEK/night


It is not possible to pre-book a place at the camp site.