By bus into nature

A trip without the car

Do you want to go on a trip but leave the car behind? At this point in time, it's possible to get to half of our recreation areas by bus or by train and it will be less than three kilometres to the nearest trail.

We think it's important to be able to get out into nature by bus and train. It's good for the environment and makes it possible for visitors without a car to experience nature.

In fourteen of our recreation areas there is currently a bus stop, which is 1-3 kilometres from the nearest trail. Select the Map tab on each recreation area on the web and check Bus stop. Here you can see all the stops and you can choose where you want to travel from and find the times. If no bus stop shows up on the map, it means that, unfortunately, there is no bus or train service for this particular recreation area within 3 kilometres.

Under the heading "Find us", in each recreation area, you will find more information on how far away the bus stop is.