Fun in the winter

Sledging and ski trails

Swoosh down the sledge runs at Frostavallen or Vedema. Go skiing at Bockeboda, Klåveröd, Snogeholm, Friseboda or Skrylle. Go horse riding in the snow on Icelandic horses in Klåveröd or bring your own horse to our riding trails in Järavallen.

With enough snow in Skåne, there are sledge runs and ski trails in our recreation areas. When the cold has really taken a grip, you can go ice-skating on some of our lakes. Our visitor car parks are usually kept open all winter. The forest roads in the area are, however, seldom cleared of snow during the winter.

Skis and sledges

At Frostavallen and Vedema there are steep sledge runs. A little slope in Fulltofta is more suitable for small kids. In several other areas you are able to find nice sledge runs. Search for information in the maps for our 19 areas in Skåne.

At the site,, you can get information where to find ski-trails. You can also search at the city websites about the actual status when it comes to trails, for example at, and Another useful site is Friluftsfrämjandet, both in English and other languages.

At Skrylle, outside of Lund, ski-trails are prepared on one or more of the running tracks, depending upon the amount of snow. Trail status at Skryllegårdens website

Ice-skating and winter fishing

A lack of snow but a cold winter, can offer lovely ice-skating. In some of our areas, there are lakes and ponds, where you can go ice-skating, when they are properly frozen. Be aware that you do this at your own risk. Ice is a natural, constantly changing material. Jetties, reeds, outlets and bridges influence how strong the ice is and it requires knowledge and experience to be able to judge if the ice is strong enough. If you go ice-skating on lakes and ponds, you should always have ice prods, an ice pike and a throwing line with you.

At Lake Snogeholmssjön, you can go ice-fishing. If you want to cook your catch, there is a barbecue area by the shore.

Tips and advice for safe ice-skating at the Friluftsfrämjandet website

Go riding on Icelandic horses

Söderåsens Turridning, some five kilometres from the hostel at Klåveröd, arranges riding trips all year round. You can book various trips here, throughout the winter.
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In several recreation areas, for example Snogeholm, Arriesjön and Järavallen we offer riding trails. Bring your own horse and explore the nature.