Go riding in the woods

Horseback riding - a feeling of freedom

It´s a wonderful feeling to sit on the horseback and sense the movement while you enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the nature. 40 km trails for horseback riding is waiting for you.

Horseback riding is a popular outdoor activity. Respect the ban to go riding on our trails for hiking. Spurting horse hooves can easily damage the sensitive ground and wet trails. You can always go riding on our woodland paths and roads, but remember to keep in the middle to spare the road.


Grytåsa is small recreation area for where you can go horseback riding on Hästskostigen, 3,3 km. The path can also be used by hikers. The trail mostly goes through older and sparse spruce forests, but also dense and mysterious spruce forests with moss covered ground.


Bockeboda recreation area has a 2,4 km long riding trail that starts at the parking lot in Uddarp with beautiful spruce forest. At Bockebodagården there is a Bed & Box for horseborn visitors.


Vitemölla recreation area is a sandy steppe habitat and a rolling landscape full of flowers. In this sensitive nature reserve, you can only go horseback riding within a specially marked area:

September 1 - May 31: It is allowed to ride east of the pasture for the grazing animals, including the sandy beach.

June 1 - August 31: Horseback riding is only allowed in the red marked area. To the west, the riding area is bounded to large parts of the fence for the pastures. To the east you can ride up to 10 m from the central footpath. It is the path used by most pedestrian visitors in area. It is also permitted to ride in a corridor of 20 m along the Verkeån towards the estuary.

During this time, there is congestion in the corridor along the Verkeån river sands. Fertilizer should be removed from the beach (easiest if you bring one place box) and placed on the nearest grassland outside / west of the fence, without create some gathering.


There is a short horse riding track of 3,4 km in the Järavallen recreation area. The landscape in Järavallen is varying. The shallow beach area and the dry coastal meadows host many different bird species. The central parts of the area are dominated by pine woodland.


In Skrylle recreation are there is about 20 km horseback riding trail in the area, from the Rögle area in the west through the Skrylle forest to the Revinge field in the east. Here, you will meet varying landscape with open heath land and several ponds. The forested land is largely planted but you will also find old deciduous woodland. Please keep to the middle of the woodland tracks to avoid damaging them. More information about riding in Skrylle.


In Snogeholm recreation area - in between the three lakes of Sövdesjön, Snogeholmssjön and Ellestadssjön - you will meet a varying landscape with sandy heath land, wet alder bogs, sheer broadleaved woodland and dark spruce forest. There are two horse riding trails of 8 km and 3,5 km long. The car park for trailers is just north of the recreation area office.


In Arresjön recreation area you can find a 3,2 km horse riding trail on the site. Please respect that riding on other paths is forbidden. You are not permitted to enter lake with the horse from the sandy beach area.

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