Mountain biking

Just the right amount of strain

Winding, hilly tracks or easy cycling in an area for kids. Enjoy the nature from a bike and feel the wind in your face. We can offer MTB cycling in five of our recreation areas.


Kronoskogen has salt water swimming, white sandy beaches, pine woodlands and footpaths in all directions – everything just a stone’s throw from trains, busses and all of the comforts that Ängelholm has to offer. The sandy woodland, Ängelholms strandskog, is a nature reserve but there is an area especially made for mountain biking.  There is also  a trail called Lergöksrundan wich is a cycling path.


Up on the top of the ridge of Söderåsen, the rolling landscape of Klåveröd spreads out before you – spectacular cliffs, crevices and valleys. There is a 5.3 kilometre long beautiful mountain bike trail that starts near a car park 1 km from the hostel. If you don´t have your own mountain bike you can rent it from the hostel.


This is the perfect place if you want an active day in the wood just outside Kristianstad. It´s a very popular area for mountain bike riders and there is a special area for children who wants to ride their bikes in the nature. The MTB trail itself is 6,4 km long. 


On winding paths, over roots and rocks, and through forests, the mountain bike trail in Skrylle, Lund goes. The track is about 11 km long and is graded as easy to moderate, with some demanding passages.


Along the shoreline south of Landskrona is Järavallen situated. The 6,6 km long MTB trail goes through pinewoodland and mixed forest.


More about Klåveröd

A little bit of wilderness

Up on the Söderåsen ridge you will find the hilly landscape of Klåveröd with impressive cliffs, and stones, a cave that is tricky to get...

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More about Bockeboda

Impressive woodland

Bockeboda recreation area is situated on the Nävlingeåsen ridge, west of Kristianstad. Here, you will meet spruce forest in the north and mixed broadleaved woodland in the south.

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More about Järavallen

Exercising and birdwatching

The landscape in Järavallen is varying. The shallow beach area and the dry coastal meadows host many different bird species. The central...

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More about Kronoskogen

Beaches close to town

Kronoskogen has salt water swimming, white sandy beaches, pine woodlands and footpaths in all directions – everything just a stone’s...

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More about Skrylle

Accessible nature close to town

Skrylle is situated on the north western part of the Romeleåsen ridge and consists of ten nature reserves and Dalby Söderskog National...

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