Hire a boat or canoe

With paddles or oars through nature

Experience Snogeholm recreation area from the water – there are canoes and rowing boats to hire. Or you can enjoy the silence in the beautiful nature of Breanäs recreation area and Lake Immeln where you also can hire canoes. You can camp on islands and sit around a bonfire in the wilderness.


Canoes and rowing boats can you hire by the jetty adjacent to Fiskarhus by Destination Snogeholm. Booking and paying is possible through the website iFiske. You will get a code to unlock the boats just in time. You need to carry the canoe yourself from the scaffold - and put it back afterwards.

Life vests, paddles and oars are also in the jetty. Remember to lock the boat/canoe again after use.

In Lake Snogeholmssjön you can catch pike, perch or zander. You need a fishing permit for fishing. A barbecue and picnic area with benches and tables can be found nearby.

If you want to stay overnight, there is a cottage with space for four people just a stone's throw away. The trail Stora Sjöslingan passes by the jetty, a three kilometre long circular trail which follows the eastern shore of Lake Snogeholmssjön.

Information regarding boat hire and fishing permits can also be found on the sign by the jetty. If you have any questions, contact Destination Snogeholm.


In this small area by the western shore of Lake Immeln, you can find magical, dense woodlands and several old quarries. You can both fish and paddle canoe in Lake Immeln. Remember to buy a fishing permit. At the Immeln Canoe Centre you can hire the canoes. The camp site with shelter at Breanäs is intended for canoeists. Bring your tent and camp on the islands instead.

For more information, contact Immelns Canoe Center, www.immelnskanotcenter.se.

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