Hike, walk or stroll

More than hundred hiking trails to choose from

The landscape of Skåne is unique. There are very few places where you can experience such varied countryside in such a small area. Find our hikingtrails!

A Sunday walk, a day hike or a multi-day overnight stay? In our nineteen hiking areas, there are over a hundred hiking trails for shorter or longer trips. There are hiking options for everyone, for those who are looking for short trails, the longer and more hilly ones, or for those who also want to see cultural history along the way. On several loops it is possible to get around by stroller or wheelchair.

Our hiking areas extend from Djurholmen and Breanäs in the north, Snogeholm in the south and in the west are Järavallen and Kronoskogen as well as in the east Tjörnedala and Friseboda. Read more about them on our site Recreation areas. There you will also find hiking tips and map folders to download with a total of over one hundred different marked trails to go.

More about Djurholmen

Quiet and secluded

Djurholmen recreation area on the southern slopes of the ridge Hallandsåsen is the place for you who are looking for quiet and...

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More about Vitemölla

The gem of the eel coast

Remember: Strictly forbidden to camp or tent overnight, light a fire and you must keep your dog in a lead due to nature reserve rules....

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More about Järavallen

Exercising and birdwatching

The landscape in Järavallen is varying. The shallow beach area and the dry coastal meadows host many different bird species. The central...

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More about Breanäs

Fantastic woodland adventures

Breanäs is the place for those of you seeking a bit more wilderness. Go for daily hikes at the three different trails. At this small site...

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More about Snogeholm

Lots to choose from

In Snogeholm - in between the three lakes of Sövdesjön, Snogeholmssjön and Ellestadssjön - you will meet a varying landscape with sandy...

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