Fishing in Snogeholm

Your lunch on a fishing rod

There is something special about catching your own fish and then cooking it outside, perhaps over an open fire. In Lake Snogeholmssjön you can fish both from shore and from a rowboat. In the nearby pond, Kejsardammen, you can catch rainbow trout through fly or spin fishing. Remember to buy the fishing permit.

In Lake Snogeholmssjön you can outsmart the pike, the perch and the zander and here it is allowed to do angling, casting and spin fishing. Near the waterfront there are rowing boats for hire. In the pond Kejsardammen you can catch rainbow trout through fly or spin fishing. Both the pond and the lake have jetties accessible for wheel chairs and push chairs and there are several barbecue places nearby to cook the catch.

Fishing permit is required for both Kejsardammen and Snogeholmssjön when fishing from the shore, a boat or on the ice. T
o buy the fishing permit for Lake Snogeholmssjön, you just enter the website iFiske. You will find all the information you need on the bulletin board by the jetty at Fiskarhus. Do you have questions aboout fishing in Snogeholmssjön, contact Destination Snogeholm.

For information about fishing in Kejsardammen, renting equipment and buying permits, contact: 

If you want to stay a little longer there are several cottages to rent in Snogeholm. Fiskestugan is located a stone's throw away from Snogeholmssjön and has room for 4 people, near Kejsardammen is the cottage Jocksborg with room for 6 people.

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