Fire ban in large areas in Skåne

Find out what rules apply in your local area

Due to the warm weather there is a fire ban of lighting fires in several municipalities in Skåne. We advise you to read the information from the authorities before your hike.

There is a significant risk of fires in Skåne due to the drought. From June 25th there is a fire ban of lighting fires or grilling in the forests and other outdoor areas in northwest of Skåne. Get the information you need from Rescue Northwest. Also in the southern parts of Skåne, Rescue South and Rescue Southeast strongly advises from June 25th not to light fires in the forests. At last, Rescue Northeast, and the northeast municipalities, advise on June 26th not to light fires/grilling outside.

In order to find out the rules in your local area, check the municipality's website (kommun). If you have questions about what is allowed as regards open fires in your area, contact the rescue services (Räddningstjänsten)