Swim in a lake or sea

Find your favourite

Sand dunes and wide sandy beach. Or a magical lake in the woods. There is something for everyone in our recreation areas. Find your favourite!

Do you like the sea, long white sandy beaches, sand dunes and pine forests? Then Kronoskogen on the west coast and Friseboda and Vitemölla on the east coast are ideal. You can also swim in the northern parts of Tjörnedala, elsewhere the coast is rocky and there are animals grazing.

If you prefer a calm lake in the woods then you should go to Frostavallen, Breanäs, Möllerödssjö or Snogeholm. In some areas there are designated swimming areas, in other places you can jump in from the jetty or from the shore.

In the woods of the western part of Fulltofta there is a small swimming area by Lake Ringsjön. You can swim in Arriesjön but there is no designated area. Swimming is at your own risk and the lake quickly becomes very deep.

In Järavallen you can swim in the artificial lake which, after many years of digging, is finally ready. There is a small sandy beach here that you can also access in a wheelchair. Barbecue areas, benches and tables are on their way. Remember that the lake gets deep quickly. 

If you go to the page for Recreation areas, you can filter the areas based on the activities. Here you will find all areas where you can swim.
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