Use designated fire places

Light a fire? Find out what rules apply in your local area

Be careful before you light a fire in our areas. We recommend to use the designated safe fire places in stone or steel (marked at our maps) . Always the safest places - and you also save the nature.

We have several fire places in our 19 areas, marked at the maps. When it is very dry and windy, be careful before you make a fire. Remember that you are always responsible.

Is there a fire ban? Check the municipality's website (kommun) to find the local rules. Through fire risk prognosis and mapping information at and the app Brandrisk ute, you can get the actual information about risks and fire bans. 


5 advices:

Are you allowed to make fire? Check or Brandrisk ute.

Always use the safest fire places in stone and steel in our recreation areas.

Never light fires at cliffs, dry and sensitive areas.

Be respectful of the rules in nature reserves. You are seldom allowed to light fires in nature in those areas and often you can't pick old branches/wood.

Bring water. Use the app 112 - if the fire spreads...