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  • 1. Snogeholm recreation area

    Lots to choose from. In Snogeholm - in between the three lakes of Sövdesjön, Snogeholmssjön and Ellestadssjön - you will meet a varying landscape with sandy heath land, wet alder bogs, sheer broadleaved woodland and dark spruce forest. In this recreation area you have hiking trails for short walks o...

  • 2. Fishing in Snogeholm

    Your lunch on a fishing rod. There is something special about catching your own fish and then cooking it outside, perhaps over an open fire. In Lake Snogeholmssjön you can fish both from shore and from a rowboat. In the nearby pond, Kejsardammen, you can catch rainbow trout through fly or spin fishi...

  • 3. Hire a boat or canoe

    With paddles or oars through nature. Experience Snogeholm recreation area from the water – there are canoes and rowing boats to hire. Or you can enjoy the silence in the beautiful nature of Breanäs recreation area and Lake Immeln where you also can hire canoes. You can camp on islands and sit aroun...

  • 4. Fun in the winter

    Sledging and ski trails. Swoosh down the sledge runs at Frostavallen or Vedema. Go skiing at Bockeboda, Klåveröd, Snogeholm, Friseboda or Skrylle. Go horse riding in the snow on Icelandic horses in Klåveröd or bring your own horse to our riding trails in Järavallen.

  • 5. Hike, walk or stroll

    More than hundred hiking trails to choose from. The landscape of Skåne is unique. There are very few places where you can experience such varied countryside in such a small area. Find our hikingtrails!

  • 6. Swim in a lake or sea

    Find your favourite. Sand dunes and wide sandy beach. Or a magical lake in the woods. There is something for everyone in our recreation areas. Find your favourite!

  • 7. Go riding in the woods

    Horseback riding - a feeling of freedom. It´s a wonderful feeling to sit on the horseback and sense the movement while you enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the nature. 40 km trails for horseback riding is waiting for you.

  • 8. About us

    Hike, bike, stroll - nature for everyone. The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for 19 recreation areas spread out over the whole of Skåne. Our aim is to inspire people to get outdoors. Regardless interests, habits and capabilities, people can enjoy our recreation areas.

  • 9. Remember the The Right of Public Access & responsibilites

    Respect and care. Do not disturb or destroy anything in nature.. The Swedish Right of Public Access gives us a unique opportunity to roam freely in the countryside. With this right, comes several responsibilies to be considerate and careful with regard to the countryside, wildlife, landowners and ot...