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Remember: Strictly forbidden to camp or tent overnight, light a fire and you must keep your dog in a lead due to nature reserve rules. Vitemölla recreation area has vulnerable nature, grazed sandy steppe, flowering slopes, gnarly pine trees and rainforest-like deciduous woodland. The entire recreation area is a nature reserve with special rules and restrictions. Here, you walk on unmarked trails, swim and enjoy the tranquility. Or visit our outdoor museum Lindgrens länga and Stenörens ålabod. .

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

There are no marked footpaths in the nature reserve. Instead the area has small footpaths along the coast and in the woodland to follow. Remember to keep the dog in a lead all year around, due to the vulnerable birdlife in the unique nature reserve. Read all the nature reserve rules hereFind the map for Vitemölla recreation area

Swimming - but no dogs at the beach during summer

The sandy beach attracts many visitors during the summer. But be prepared for a refreshing swim, the water at Österlen is significant colder than on the west coast. It is forbidden to bring your dog at the beach between June 1 and Aug 31, according to the local municipality.

Sand from the Ice Age and flowering sandy steppe

The sandy area in Haväng - Vitemölla Nature Reserve is one of the largest areas of sandy steppe in Sweden. In the warm, limestone rich sand you find the sweet smelling sand pink alongside rarities such as the tall Anthericum liliago and unusual earth star fungus Geastrum berkeleyi. The butterfly Niobe fritillary lays its eggs on plants including wild pansy. The rare tawny pipit nests here. The droppings from the grazing animals provide suitable habitats for dung beetles such as Copris lunaris. The wasp Podalonia luffii finds a home in the patches of bare sand.

The nature reserve consists largely of sandy sediments which were deposited at the end of the last Ice Age. The sand means that the mouth of the river is forever changing its route. The mouth of the stream constantly provides new experiences. Sea holly is a rare plant which can be found on the sandy seashore. 

Forbidden to tent, camp and stay overnight with vans/camper cars

The nature reserve and sensible birds and other wildlife can't be disturbed. Therefore, camping in tent/hammock is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to park your camper/van overnight at the parlin lots. Read more about the nature reserve rules.

Horse riding

Horse riding in the area is permitted but only within a designated area (marked at the map) and never on the central footpath in the area. Where you are allowed to ride also depends on the time of year. Check our map. 

Sept 1 - May 31: You are allowed to go horseriding on the beach and in the marked area at the map.
June 1 – August 31: Horseriding is only allowed in the marked designated area on our map. Never go closer than 10 m from the central footpath.


The coast along Hanöbukten is renowned for its sea trout fishing, especially during the late winter, early spring. Bear in mind that fishing for salmon and trout is forbidden from the 15th September to the 31st December, as well as around the mouths of the Rivers Mölleån, Klammersbäck and Verkeån up until the 30th April.

Open air museum in our old buildings

An open air museum is displayed in our old timber-framed building called Lindgrens länga, which describes the area and its history. The house is ours, but was renovated by The Haväng Museum Society who is responsible for the museum. Take a stop in the stone house, Stenörens eel shed, where you can see the traditional equipment used for eel and salmon trout fishing. There are also eight small man-made waterfalls at Örakaren.

Accommodation and eating

There are plenty of cafés, restaurants, hostels, guest houses and hotels in the local area. More information: www.visitystadosterlen.se

Find us

Vitemölla is situated between Haväng and Kivik. From the road 9 follow sign posts toward Vitemölla to access the southern parking area or toward Haväng for the northern one. The bus SkåneExpressen 3 stops about 600 metres from the southern parking area.

By public transport+

The bus SkåneExpressen 3, Kristianstad - Simrishamn, makes two stops every day near the recreation area (Vitemölla Källebacken and Ängdala). From "Vitemölla Källebacken" it is about a 650 metre walk to the southern parking. From the busstop you walk a short while along a fairly busy road to the turn down through the village Vitemölla. The stop "Ängdala" is on the western border of the area.

By car+

During Sept 26th-Oct 2 the bridge at the southern entry to the parking is closed (due to restauration). The old carparking at the entry Klammersbäck road is now only a bikeparking. Cars can park at Vitemölla village and Haväng.

Useful information

Nature reserve

All of Vitemölla recreation area is also the nature reserve Haväng and Vitemölla strandbackar. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area. Protect the vulnearble area by following the rules. For example, keep your dog in a lead all year around, don't light fires other than at the specified fire places (in Vitemölla village, marked on our map). Also, don't stay overnight in tent or hammock, neither park overnight with your caravan or camper between 00-06. Read all the rules.


In parts of this area an EU funded project is taking place to restore sand dunes and heath. For more information visit sandlife.se

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