About Vedema

Vedema is a woodland area. Shady spruce woodland, some pine woodland but also some dry beech woodlands and damp deciduous woodland. The River Rökeån winds along the valley floor and the vegetation is almost tropical. It is a hilly landscape with steep slopes. You can get a breathtaking view from the top of Vedema Hall. When the snow settles you can go full speed down the sledding slope.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

There are a handful of marked hiking trails in the area. The landscape is very hilly and the marked footpaths have not been adapted for wheelchairs or pushchairs. The road to Lake Barsjön from the western car park is however smooth and even, but somewhat hilly. Download the map over the Vedema recreation area with several hiking trails. The Skåneleden Trail also passes through the site.


Fishing is free in Lake Barsjön and the fishing platform is easily accessible. Fishing is however not permitted in the River Rökeån.


There are lovely picnic areas with barbecues and wood by the lake, and which are easily accessible. There are an additional six picnic places spread out in the area. There is also a wind shelter by Stora Dammvägen.

Remember the Right of Public Access & responsibilities

Make safe fire in the specified fireplaces (check our map). Stay overnight in tent or hammock one night. Don't break and cut branches, twigs or bark from living trees that can die. Take you litter home with you or to the garbage bin. Keep your dog in a lead March 1-Aug 20 to protect wildlife. Read more.


You can stay overnight in the wind shelter in the western part of the site.

Skiing and sledding

One of the hills west of Lake Barsjön is popular for skiing and sledding in the winter.

Find us

Vedema is situated about 15 km north of Hässleholm. From the road 24 there are sign posts toward Vedema. From here, it is about 1.5 km to the parking area by the lake. The bus 511 Ängelholm–Örkelljunga–Hässleholm stops about within walking distance of the recreation area.

By public transport+

Bus 511, Ängelholm-Örkelljunga-Hässleholm, stops every day at "Vedema".

The same bus also stops at "Hörjaskolan". From here it is about a 2 km walk to the parking by Hågnarpsstugan in the western part of the area along a gravelroad. At the crossroad take the gravel road to the right without a road barrier.

By car+

From road 24 there are signs toward Vedema and you will get to the parking Barsjöparkeringen after about 1.5 km.

Gps to parking

WGS84 DDM 56°12.677'N, 13°38.234'E
RT90 6233573, 1365482

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