About Snogeholm

In Snogeholm - in between the three lakes of Sövdesjön, Snogeholmssjön and Ellestadssjön - you will meet a varying landscape with sandy heath land, wet alder bogs, sheer broadleaved woodland and dark spruce forest. In this recreation area you have hiking trails for short walks or long hikes. You can also go fishing, canoeing or horseback riding. Cottages are available to rent. The western part of Snogeholm is a nature reserve Navröd with special rules and restrictions. Check them out further down on this site.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are many hiking trails criss-crossing the area - ranging from footpaths of a few kilometres for easy walking to the 16 kilometre Snogeholm circular trail. A short path along the shore of Lake Snogeholm is suitable for families with pushchairs and wheelchairs. Download the map for Snogeholm recreation area.

Accommodation: cottages to rent

There are several fully equipped cottages to rent, camping, caravan pitches and a stable. There are two field centres available for schools and larger groups. Contact Destination Snogeholm for more information.

Horse riding

In the area you will find two horse riding tracks, 8 km and 3,5 km.


Rainbow trout can be caught by fly fishing or spinning from the Kejsardammen Ponds. If you would prefer to outsmart pike, perch or zander, try Lake Snogeholm, where float fishing, casting and spinning are permitted. Both the pond and the lake have platforms suitable for disabled users. In winter you can do ice fishing on Lake Snogeholm.

A fishing permit is required for both the pond Kejsardammen and for Lake Snogeholm whether fishing from the shore, from a boat or on the ice. For more information about fishing in the Kejsardammen Ponds, contact www.castlefish.se. For information about fishing in Lake Snogeholms - buy the permit at iFiske. Only allowed with electric motors in Lake Snogeholm.

Map of where fishing is permitted in Lake Snogeholmssjön.

Boats and canoes

At Fiskarhus by the shore of Lake Snogeholm, you can rent both rowing boats and canoes through Destination Snogeholm. The boats and canoes can be booked in advance. All the information you need is also available at the jetty by Fiskarhus. Remember to get a fishing permit if you are fishing from the boat. Only allowed with electric motors in Lake Snogeholm.


The birdlife at Snogeholm is very rich, not least at Navröd Nature Reserve. Red kite, marsh harrier, goshawk, osprey and hobby nest around Lake Sövdesjön. From the viewing tower at Sjöudden you get an excellent view of Lake Snogeholm and you might spot a whooper swan or a grebe.


You can swim by the jetties in Lake Snogeholm.

Find us

From the E65 between Malmö and Ystad there are sign posts toward Snogeholm. If you are coming from the north there are sign posts from the road 13 toward Snogeholm. Bus 341 stops at Sövde by. From here, it is about 1.5 km along the Skåneleden trail into the area.

By public transport+

Bus 341, Sjöbo-Blentarp-Veberöd, makes several daily stops north of the area. If you get off at "Sövde by" it is about a 1.5 km walk heading south along the Skåneleden Trail in to the recreation area.

By car+

From road 13 there are signs toward Snogeholm. The recreation area office is a red brick building on Snogeholmsvägen. To get to Fiskarhus parkering, follow signs toward Östra strövområdet.

Gps to the area

Recreation area office/Bokerasten camping:
WGS84 DDM 55°34.114'N, 13°42.247'E
RT90 6161902, 1367457

Fiskarhus parking:
WGS84 DDM 55°33.963'N, 13°43.010'E
RT90 6161597, 1368250

Useful information


Snogeholm Visitor Centre with the café Villa Vandra
Fiskarhusvägen (entrance through a accessible path from parking lot by Lake Snogeholm).
Sjöbo. For more information: info@skanskalandskap.se

Nature reserve

The northwest of Snogeholm recreation area is the nature reserve Navröd. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area. Protect the vulnerable nature by following the rules. For example, you can not light a fire, camp overnight in tent or park with camper van/housing car. Read all the rules.


A shorter trail along the shore of Lake Snogeholm is accessibility adapted, as are two fishing and viewing platforms. Three cottages and one field centre are also accessibility adapted. The area is certified by Equality.

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  • Bus stop (1)
  • Parking (18)
  • Picnic area (32)
  • Cottage (6)
  • Wind shelter (1)