About Skrylle

Skrylle is situated on the north western part of the Romeleåsen ridge and consists of ten or so nature reserves and Dalby Söderskog National Park. Here, you will meet varying landscape with open heath land, several ponds and a quarry that has filled up with water. The forested land is largely planted but you will also find old deciduous woodland.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

There are several footpaths and running tracks in the area. Three tracks are lit and there is a footpath suitable for wheelchairs, which is 1.2 kilometres long. The Skånelededen Trail passes through the site and the 15 kilometre long Skryllerundan Trail starts at Skryllegården.
A folder for the area is available here: www.lund.se/folder
A map of the area is available here: www.lund.se/map

Visitor Centre - Naturum Skrylle

Are you curious about the plants, birds, insects or other animals in the area? Or do you want to know more about the cultural history and geology? Then you should visit the Visitor Centre at Skrylle, which is run by Lund City Council.
More informaiton: www.lund.se/naturum


On one or a few of the running trails there are tracks made for cross country skiing in the winter when the amount of snowfall allows it. Skryllegården are responsible for creating the tracks.
More information: www.skryllegarden.se


There are several marked riding tracks in the area. Please keep to the middle of the woodland tracks to avoid damaging them.
More information: www.skryllegarden.se


You can go fly, spinning and float fishing in the Rögle Ponds, which consist of five different ponds. One of the fishing platforms is adapted for disabled visitors. Remember to buy a fishing permit.
More information: www.skryllegarden.se


There are several barbecue areas on the site, which should be booked at the reception. You can also buy wood here: www.skryllegarden.se.
At Skryllegården there is a restaurant and café. There is a conference room adjacent to the restaurant
More information: www.skrylle.se


There are several wind shelters which can be booked at Skryllegården's reception.
More information: www.skryllegarden.se.

Find us

Skrylle is situated between Södra Sandby and Dalby about 10 km from Lund. From the road Dalbyvägen there are clear sign posts. There is a bus that goes all the way to Skryllegården/Naturum Skrylle, and there are several more bus stops along Dalbyvägen.

By public transport+

Bus 159, Dalby bus station-Lund C, makes several stops along Dalbyvägen/Lundavägen (Skrylle, Billebjersvägen and Dalby Dalbybadet) which cuts through the area. The bus also stops at "Skryllegården" where you find the Visitor Centre Naturum Skrylle.

Bus 175, Dalby bus station-Södra Sandby, makes several stops along Dalbyvägen/Lundavägen. To get to Skryllegården, the best stop is "Skrylle". From here you follow a foot path about 600 m to the east.

By car+

From road 102, follow signs toward Södra Sandby. From Dalbyvägen there are signs toward Skryllegården. From the E22, take exit 23 and follow signs toward Gårdstånga and then toward Södra Sandby. When you have passed through Södra Sandby there are signs toward Skryllegården.

Gps to Skryllegården

WGS84 DDM 55°41.587'N, 13°21.505'E
RT90 6176478, 1346143

Useful information

Ownership and maintenance

The nature reserves of Skrylle are managed by Lund municipality and the County Administrative Board. Lund municipality is responsible for the visitor centre Naturum Skrylle. Skryllegården is run by the organisation Friluftsfrämjandet in Lund. The foundation Stiftelsen för Fritidsområden i Skåne (managed by the Scanian Landscape Foundation) owns parts of Skrylle nature reserve.

Nature Reserve

Parts of Skrylle are nature reserves. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in these areas.


By the area Sibirien there is an accessibility adapted wooden path. The area is certified by Equality.

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