About Möllerödssjö

The lake Möllerödssjö is the natural centre point of this recreation area– regardless of whether you want to go swimming, fishing, birdwatching or just have a picnic with a lake view. If you like running, there is a lit track. A footpath follows the shore around the lake and here you meet broadleaved woodland. In other parts the area is dominated by beech woodland and in the spring the ground is covered by white anemones.

Do and experience

Walking and hiking

There are three short hiking trails and a lit track in the recreation area. There are signs along the historical trail describing the life of the crofters in the Göinge woodland.


In the northern part of the lake, there is a swimming area. There are also tables, benches and a barbecue area nearby.


The bird life in the lake is rich and probably the best place to see the lake's inhabitants is from the viewing tower on the peninsula.


There are two picnic areas with tables and benches. There is also a barbecue by the swimming area.


You can fish for perch, bream, pike, zander, roach, rudd and tench in Lake Möllerödsjön. Remember to buy a fishing permit. Information at Hässleholm Tourist Centre.

Remember the Right of Public Access & responsibilities

Make safe fire in the specified fireplaces (check our map). Stay overnight in tent or hammock one night. Don't break and cut branches, twigs or bark from living trees that can die. Take you litter home with you or to the garbage bin. Keep your dog in a lead March 1-Aug 20 to protect wildlife. Read more.

Find us

From road 117 and Farstorpsvägen there are sign posts toward Möllerödssjö. Bus 532 between Hässleholm – Markaryd stops about 200 meters from the recreation area.

By public transport+

Bus 532, Hässleholm - Markaryd, makes stops all weekdays at Bjärnum Vångavägen. At the roundabout, take the road, Vångavägen. Take the next right onto Korsvägen which you will follow until it turns into a forest trail. The trail takes you onto the lit track (about 200 m).

By car+

From road 117 and Farstorpsvägen there are signs toward Möllerödssjö.

Gps to parking

Swimming area:
WGS84 DDM 56°16.831'N, 13°43.751'E
RT90 6241104, 1371419

Southern parking:
WGS84 DDM 56°16.333'N, 13°43.030'E
RT90 6240203, 1370646

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