About Kronoskogen

Kronoskogen has salt water swimming, white sandy beaches, pine woodlands and footpaths in all directions – everything just a stone’s throw from trains, busses and all of the comforts that Ängelholm has to offer. Along the coast you can get a glimpse of regional gems such as Kullen, Bjärehalvön and Hallands Väderö. The sandy woodland, Ängelholms strandskog, is a nature reserve with special rules and restrictions. Check them out on this site.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

There are several marked hiking trails in the area, the shortest is 2.8 kilometres long and the longest is 10 kilometres. The western part of this recreation area is the nature reserve Ängelholm strandskog with vulnerable birds, sand dunes and plants. At Sibirien there is a boardwalk suitable for wheelchairs. The Skåneleden Trail passes through the site. Check the map.

Cycling and mountainbiking

There is a designated area for mountainbiking in the northern part. The Lergöksrundan at Nybroskogen is a cycling path that stretches through most of Ängelholm.


Ängelholm was known as a spa and beach resort as early as in the 1880s. The beach is shallow and wide and goes on for several kilometres along the cove Skälderviken.


You can go canoeing in the River Rönne å. More information: www.engelholm.com


You can fish for perch, pike, roach and salmon trout in the River Rönne å. Ängelholms sport- och fiskevårdsförening (Ängelholm Sport and Fishing Conservation Society) have built fishing areas with tables, barbecues and protection from the rain. You can choose between fly, spinning or float fishing. Remember to purchase a fishing permit.
More information: www.engelholm.com


In the nature reserve you are only allowed to ride on Malavägen and on the forest roads. Otherwise, the Right of Public Access applies. South of the area you can ride on the beach, more information at www.engelholm.com


There are several picnic areas with benches and tables. In the northern part there is a barbecue area. Ängelholm's local history park with an inn and an ice-cream and waffle café can be found at Thorslundsskogen. There are also several museums and a playground here.


There is a wind shelter at Nybroskogen. There is lots of accommodation in the local area; cottages, camp sites, hostels, guest houses and hotels. Contact the Tourist Information Office for more information: www.engelholm.com

Find us

From the E6/E20 take the exit toward Ängelholm Ö to access the southern parking area, the exit toward Ängelholm N for the parking area by Råbocka camping area and Havsbadsvägen. Ängelholm station is nearby and you can walk straight into the recreation area from the station or take the local city bus 1 and 2.

By public transport+

There are trains going to Ängelholm's station every day. The station is just east of Kronoskogen's southern part.

City bus 1, Midgården-Central station-Kulltorp makes several stops on the street Västersjögatan which runs parallel to the eastern border of the southern part (Ängelholm Råggatan, Majsgatan and Tivoligatan). From "Tivoligatan" you have direct access to the trail named Ottos runda.

City bus 2 Vejbystrand-Skälderviken-Central station takes you to the northern parts, Thorslundsskogen and Nybroskogen. The stop "Ängelholm Hembygdsparken" is within Thorslundsskogen. To get to Nybroskogen you walk about 1.5 km, heading south from the stop "Skälderviken småbåtshamnen", across Rönneån.

By car+

From the E6/E20, take the exit toward Ängelholm Ö for the southern parking. Turn toward the city centre. In the first roundabout, take the third exit toward Kulltorp. Follow this road through two more roundabouts onto Sibirienvägen which takes you all the way to the parking area Sibirien.

From the E6/E20, take the exit toward Ängelholm N for the parking area at Råbocka camping and Havsbadsvägen. Follow signs toward Centrum onto Kristian II väg. Take a right onto Skolgatan and follow this road for about 2 km.

Gps to parking

Råbocka camping:
WGS84 DDM 56°15.259'N, 12°50.092'E
RT90 6240219, 1315919

Sibirien (southern parking):
WGS84 DDM 56°14.129'N, 12°49.071'E
RT90 6238168, 1314774

Useful information

Ownership and maintenance

The foundation Stiftelsen för Fritidsområden i Skåne owns the western part of the area, the nature reserve Ängelholms strandskog, which is managed by the Scanian Landscape foundation. The rest is owned by Sveaskog and managed by Ängelholm municipality. Any questions concerning these areas should be directed to the municipality's customer service: +47 (0)431-87 000.

Nature reserve

The west part of the recreation area is the Ängelholm strandskog nature reserve. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area. For example, you need to always keep your dog on a lead, no parking for camper vars/vans, only make a fire in dedicated fireplaces (marked at map) and don't bring the dog to the beach or the sand dune area April 15th-Sept 15th. Read all the rules.


By the area Sibirien there is an accessibility adapted wooden path. The area is certified by Equality.


In parts of this area an EU funded project is taking place to restore sand dunes and heath. For more information visit sandlife.se

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