About Klåveröd

Up on the Söderåsen ridge you will find the hilly landscape of Klåveröd with impressive cliffs and stones, a cave that is tricky to get to and a unique wetland. Here, you can hike several trails, fish, climb, ride a horse or a mountain bike. Klåveröd Hostel is situated in the centre of the site and the nearest neighbour is Söderåsen National Park.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

There are several marked footpaths in the recreation area, from 1.8 to 5 kilometres long.


There is a 5,3 kilometre long mountain bike trail here. The trail travels through a hilly landscape over logs and stones. Söderåsen Adventures has bicycles available for hire.


In the pond Tagmaden you can fish for brown and rainbow trout. Do not forget to buy a fishing permit. For more information: www.kimbusgarden.se/fiske, tel. +46 (0)435-44 00 40 and the information signs by the pond.


There are several natural climbing walls at Snuvestuan.

Skiing and sledding

When there is snow at Söderåsen, Klåveröd Ski Club make sure that it is possible to go cross-country skiing along tracks of varying lengths. Near the tracks there is a small sledding slope.
Klåveröd Ski Club: www.laget.se


Klåveröd Hostel has a total of 32 beds divided between the main building and three cabins. It offers several different packages in combination with activities in the local area. Bookings and prices: www.klaverodsvandrarhem.se

Book a conference

Have your conference in the middle of the countryside. Klåveröd Hostel provides conference facilities for 20-25 delegates.
For more information: www.klaverodsvandrarhem.se

Find us

Klåveröd is situated on the ridge Söderåsen, a ten minute drive from Söderåsen National park. From the road 108, turn toward V Sönnarslöv, then turn toward Klåveröd. From road 109 (Knutstorp), follow sign posts toward Klåveröd.

By car+

From road 108, take a left toward V Sönnarslöv. Then take a left toward Klåveröd. After about 4,5 km, turn left again toward Klåveröd to get to the parking Dammen. Alternatively, continue straight on for another 500 m to get to the hostel and café.

From road 109 (Knutstorp), follow signs toward Klåveröd for about 8 km to get to the hostel and café. Continue another 500 m to get to the parking Dammen.

Gps to the area

WGS84 DDM 56°2.107'N, 13°10.859'E
RT90 6214950, 1336434

Klåveröd Hostel and Café
WGS84 DDM 56°2.289'N, 13°9.915'E
RT90 6215325, 1335466

Useful information

Nature reserve

Parts of Klåveröd recreation area is a nature reserve. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area.

  • Visitor centre (1)
  • Bus stop (0)
  • Parking (9)
  • Picnic area (10)
  • Cottage (1)
  • Wind shelter (5)

The Klåveröd Hostel and café:

The café is open on Sundays 12-17.