About Järavallen

The landscape in Järavallen is varying. The shallow beach area and the dry coastal meadows host many different bird species. The central parts of the area are dominated by pine woodland and to the east is the overgrown Hofterup bog. To the far north is a lake where you can go swimming. There are several hiking trails, a mountain bike trail and a riding trail. The southern part and mid-Järavallen is a nature reserve with special rules and restrictions. Camper vans are forbidden overnight in the nature reserve. Check the rules further down on this site.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are many hiking trails and running tracks which criss-cross the site - everything from footpaths of a few kilometres to the slightly longer trail of 8.3 kilometres. One of the paths is suitable for disabled visitors. There is a wind shelter for hikers west of the Lake Saxtorp. Download the map over Järavallen recreation area with nine hiking trails and footpaths.

Camper vans are forbidden overnight in the nature reserve

In the nature reserve in the south and mid-Järavallen it is forbidden to put up a tent and stay overnight with campervan/caravan. There is a wind shelter with a barbecue area west of the lake Saxtorpsjön where you can stay the night. 

Okay to enter the Saxtorp lakes again

The invasive zebra mussels are gone. Our process to eradicate these species succeeded! That means it's okay to take a bath again. But, Länsstyrelsen recommend to wash the bathing clothes and toys after swimming since to minimize the risk of spreading mussel worms. In March 2023 the process to eradicate the mussel with salt started. Read more. 


Keep in mind that it is not permitted to fish in the northern and southern Lake Saxtorp, neither in the smaller Lake Fågelsjön.


The trails are primarily made for walking and hiking. They are of course also suitable for running. Just beware of roots crossing the trail.


There is a horse riding track of 4,2 kilometres east of the highway.


There is a trail for mountain biking, 6,9 kilometres, which was developed in co-operation with regular cyclists in the area. It goes clock-wise and is a slightly hilly trail with some more difficult sections. Be aware that the trail crosses hiking trails in several places. See the information sign at the start of the cycling trail by the western parking area. 


There are several picnic areas with benches, tables and in some places barbecues.


The entire Järavallen Nature Reserve is a paradise for birdwatchers - regardless of where you are; by the seashore, in the pine woodland, by the lakes or at Hofterup wetland. The best place for birdwatching is probably the viewing platform by the sea.


It is not permitted to fish in Badsjön or Fågelsjön as you can see on local signs. 

Play and climb

By the western parking area is a nature play ground suitable for big and small children.

Ice skating

It is possible to go ice skating on both lakes in the winter. But bear in mind that you do this at your own risk. Natural ice is a living and constantly changing material.

Find us

From the E6/E20 take exit 24 toward Bjuv and then follow signs toward Järavallen (for the main parking area). Bus 138 Landskrona-Löddeköpinge-Malmö stops in two ideal places where you have direct access to the recreation area.

By public transport+

Bus 138, Landskrona-Löddeköpinge-Malmö, makes several daily stops along the road Grand Prix vägen. From two of the stops you have easy routes straight into the recreation area following our purple trails - from the stop Furuhillsvägen it is about 1 km to the blue trail, from the stop Davidslid it is about a 1.5 km to the Lake Saxtorp.

By car+

From the E6/E20, take exit 24 toward Bjuv. To get to the main parking, at the roundabout, follow signs toward Järavallen. To get to the lake Badsjön, at the roundabout, follow signs toward Bjuv. After about 500 m, turn right toward "Brukshundklubb". Follow the road to the parking area.

Gps to parking

WGS84 DDM 55°48.331'N, 12°56.522'E
RT90 6189990, 1320486

Badsjön (swimming lake):
WGS84 DDM 55°49.177'N, 12°57.032'E
RT90 6191537, 1321083

Useful information


One of the trails is accessibility adapted as well as the viewing platform by the sea side. There is a shorter accessibility adapted trail down to the beach by the big lake Saxtorpssjön. The area is certified by Equality.

Nature reserve

The southern and mid-part of Järavallen recreation area is a nature reserve. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area. Protect the vulnerable nature by following the rules, for example do not park overnight with camping car, do not light a fire other than the fire places (marked at our map) and keep your dog in a lead. Read all the rules.

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