About Grytåsa

Grytåsa is small recreation area for shorter walks. Möllers woodland is one of only a few woodlands which are grazed and you meet grazing animals in the summer. There is a rich birdlife around Lake Flinka and from the esker north of the lake you get a wonderful view across the site. The Skåneleden Trail passes through the area.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are two hiking trails in the area of 4,4 and 3,3 km. There is also a forestry road which goes to the west from the car park, for those of you with pushchairs or wheelchairs. The barbecue area by the road is adapted for disabled users. Download the map over all the hiking trails in Grytåsa recreation area. The Skåneleden trail passes through the site.


Lake Flinka attracts many bird species, such as snipe, mallard, common teal, golden eye, whooper swan, marsh harrier and crane. There is a viewing tower by the lake.


You may cycle along the forestroads and the public road which pass through the recreation area.

Horse riding

You can go horseback riding on Hästskostigen, 3,3 km. The path is for riding, but can also be used by hikers. The trail mostly goes through older and sparse spruce forests, but also dense and mysterious spruce forests with moss covered ground..


There is a wind shelter adjacent to the Skåneleden Trail south of the car park.


There are four picnic areas in the recreation area with tables and benches.

Remember the Right of Public Access & responsibilities

Make safe fire in the specified fireplaces (check our map). Stay overnight in tent or hammock one night. Don't break and cut branches, twigs or bark from living trees that can die. Take you litter home with you or to the garbage bin. Keep your dog in a lead March 1-Aug 20 to protect wildlife. Read more.

Find us

The recreation area is southwest of Örkelljunga. From the E4 take exit 71 toward Trafikplats Ljungaskog and the carpooling parking area. On foot, follow the Skåneleden trail into the area.

By public transport+

The bus SkåneExpressen 10, Markaryd-Örkelljunga-Helsingborg C, stops at "Ljungaskog Grytåsavägen" north of the recreation area. From here it is about a 2 km walk along gravel roads that at first go alongside the big road to then crossing the E4 and take you to the central parking of the area.

By car+

From the E4, take exit 71 toward Trafikplats Ljungaskog to get to the car pool parking and follow the Skåneleden Trail on foot into the recreation area. Alternatively, continue past the carpool parking area and follow signs toward Grytåsa to get to the parking areas Grytåsa centrum and Flinka sjö.

Gps to parking

Grytåsa centre:
WGS84 DDM 56°15.335'N, 13°13.648'E
RT90 6239379, 1340248

Lake Flinka:
WGS84 DDM 56°15.320'N, 13°15.283'E
RT90 6239289, 1341935

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