About Fulltofta

At the heart of the recreation area is Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre which holds an interactive exhibition, café, visitor centre and has different activities. There are plenty of trails of varying lengths. The landscape is varying with deep woodland, open glades and pasture, wide heath land and mighty oak trees, small and big ponds and many little streams.

Do and experience

Exhibition about bugs

At the moment we invite visitors to see an exhibition about bugs, butterflies, worms and all the other tiny friends in our nature. Free entrance. Open Tues-Sun.

The interactive exhibition about the countryside and the traces we leave behind us is closed during the fall 2019.

Café at the Nature and Visitor Centre

In the same building as the exhibition, there is a café, which is open Tuesday to Sunday.The café holds mainly home-made or local produce. Here, you can also get maps and leaflets over all our 19 recreation areas with all sorts of hiking trails.

Walking and rambling

There are several marked footpaths of varying length. Three of these (Ravinslingan, Fiskestigen and Strandpromenaden) are suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and are certified by Equality. The p passes the site.

Nature and cultural history path

For those who want to learn more about the environment and history of Fulltofta there is a 3.6 kilometre long nature and cultural history path (in Swedish and in English).

Tree walkway

Take the board walk among the tree tops, eight metres above ground. Accessible to wheelchair users.

Become a detective for the day

Take the family on a hunt for clues - a tricky trail of a kilometre in the woods, where you need to solve different clues to move forward. Or challenge each other in a three kilometre letter hunt. You can get instructions at the nature centre.

Forest play area

A small distance from the nature centre is a forest play area and an obstacle course for both big and small children.

Stay the night

There are two cottages for rent - the newly renovated Jägarbostaden with 6-8 beds and Bjeverödshuset in the northern part of the recreation area where up to 12 people can stay the night.
More information and reservations


Discover Fulltofta from the back of a horse. Ride with your own horse on the car-free forest tracks in the area.


Walk and talk. Talk and play. Have your conference in the middle of the countryside. In the same building as the exhibition there is a fully equipped conference facility for up to 50 people.


At Bjeverödsdammen you can fish for introduced rainbow trout, salmon trout and brook trout. You may either fish using a fly or spinning, but float fishing is however not permitted. The fishing platforms are suitable for disabled visitors. At Fiskarehus by the shore of Lake Ringsjön you can fish for perch, pike, rainbow trout and eel. Do not forget to buy a fishing permit!
Bjeverödsdammen: www.bjeverod.se
Ringsjön: www.linderodsasensturism.se


You can swim in Ringsjön. In the western part of the recreation area there is a small swimming area.

Biboet (the Bee hut)

See how the bees make honey in Biboet near the Nature centre. During May-September it is open during Saturdays and Sundays. The Ringsjöbygdens beekeepers association will be on site to tell you how the hive works and how the honey is harvested.


Right outside the nature centre there is an area for playing boules. You can play with your own boules or rent some at Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre.


Gäddängen, a wetland by Lake Ringsjön, is a popular resting place for seabirds, especially during the spring and autumn. In the stork enclosure, the county bird of Skåne gets some help to recolonize the landscape. Guided tours: info@storkprojektet.se


There is a small sledding slope next to the parking by the Fulltofta Nature Centre.

Find us

From the road 13 between Höör and Hörby there are sign posts toward Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre. At the weekend, bus 469 goes all the way to the Nature and Visitor centre. Weekdays, bus 470 stops along road 13. From Ramstorp Fulltofta, it is about 1,5 km to the Nature and Visitor Centre.

By public transport+

There is a new bus (469) going between Höör and Hörby Saturdays and Sundays, and Fulltofta Naturcentrum is one of the stops. Its timetable is adapted to trains going to/from Malmö and Lund.
Timetable for 469 as a pdf (skanetrafiken.se)

Bus 470, Höör-Hörby-Sjöbo, makes several stops along road 13. You can access the red trail directly from the stop "Ramstorp Fulltofta". From here, it is about a 1.5 km walk to the nature centre. To get to Jägarbostaden or the stork enclosure, the nearest bus stop is "Fulltofta Riksvägen". From here you follow a relatively calm road.
Timetable for 470 as a pdf (skanetrafiken.se)

By car+

From road 13 between Höör and Hörby it is sign posted toward Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre.

You can find maps and directions to Fulltofta Nature and Visitors Centre at hitta.se

Gps to Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre

WGS84 DDM 55°53.320'N, 13°38.448'E
RT90 6197654, 1364577

Useful information


Fulltofta Naturcentrum
Phone: +46 (0)415-512 45
E mail: fulltofta@skanskalandskap.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/skanskalandskap

Nature reserve

Parts of Fulltofta recreation area are nature reserves. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in these areas.


Three trails are accessibility adapted (Ravinslingan/trädpromenaden near the visitor centre, Fiskestigen by the pond Bjeverödsdammen and Strandpromenaden along the shore of Ringsjön). The visitor centre and both of our cottages are accessibility adapted. The area is certified by Equality.

  • Visitor centre (1)
  • Bus stop (6)
  • Parking (13)
  • Picnic area (17)
  • Cottage (2)
  • Wind shelter (2)

Café and exhibition

Opening hours 2019/2020

Nov - March: Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mon) 11-16, café and restaurant 11-15

Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Twelth Day.




Accommodations in the area