About Frostavallen

Frostavallen recreation area has beech woodlands, glittering lakes and an open landscape. Hiking in the dramatic landscape on the several hiking trails is an adventure. Beech woodland dominates the area and wood anemones cover the ground in springtime. By the lake Dagstorpssjön there are remnants of old volcanoes from the Jurassic period and the landscape is more dramatic here with precipices and steep slopes. When it's been snowing there are slopes to go sledding down. There are several nature reserves - Bjäret, Dagstorp and Ullstorp - with special rules and restrictions. Check them out further down on this site.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are five hiking trails in the area; the shortest is almost three kilometres and the longest 9.9 kilometres. The Vaxsjöslingan path is easier access and suitable for those on wheels and to the eastern bathing area at Lake Dagstorpssjön there is a path made accessible to disabled users from the car park. Download the map for Frostavallen recreation area. The Pilgrimsleden Trail and the Skåneleden Trail pass through the site.


You can go swimming in Lake Vaxsjön and Lake Dagstorpssjön. At Lake Vaxsjön there is a sandy beach and jetties, while at Lake Dagstorpssjön there is grass and areas with bare rocks.


You can fish for perch and pike in Lake Dagstorp, and there is also zander in Lake Vaxsjön. Remember to buy a fishing permit: Dagstorpssjön and Vaxsjön.


There are several picnic areas with benches and tables, some of which have barbecues and several are suitable for disabled visitors.


There are four shelters within the site with fireplaces and wood. If you would like more comfortable accommodation there are several options nearby, including a youth hostel by Lake Vaxsjön. In Höör there a many hotels and other accommodations.

Find us

From road 13 between Höör and Hörby there are sign posts toward Frostavallen. From Höör you can catch the bus 441 which makes several stops in the area. To access the northern parts of Frostavallen, catch bus 448.

By public transport+

Ringbus 441, Höör station via Skåne zoo, makes several stops in the recreation area (Frostavallen, Frostavallens vandrarhem, Långstorp, Ullstorp Lundagård and Skånes Djurpark).
Ringbus 448, Höörs station via Norra Rörum, stops at "Länghult" north of Dagstorpssjön. From here, it is a 500 m walk to the nearest trail.

Med bil+

From road 13 between Höör and Hörby there are sign posts toward Frostavallen. There is also a cycle path from road 13 to the trails of Frostavallen. For Lake Dagstorpssjön, follow signs toward Norra Rörum. From road 1323 there are signs toward Frostavallen which will take you south of the lake and Naturreservat which will take you to the northern parking areas. The parking area made accessible to disabled users is just by the side of the road.

Gps to parking

WGS84 DDM 55°58.123'N, 13°30.980'E
RT90 6188085, 1399732

Dagstorp east - Accessible
WGS84 DDM 55°59.441'N, 13°30.087'E
RT90 6209291, 1356238

Useful information

Ownership and maintenance

Höör municipality has the overall responsibility for the recreation area. The foundation Stiftelsen för Fritidsområden i Skåne owns three parts of the area, managed by the Scanian Landscape Foundation. 

Nature reserve

Parts of Frostavallen recreation area are nature reserves. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in these areas.

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