About Friseboda

Friseboda recreation area and nature reserve is best known for it's long sandy beaches, unique plants and birds. Where the sand dunes end, the magical pine woodland takes over and smaller footpaths that are perfect for walking and also a horse riding area. The sandy habitats are unique and the entire recreation area is a nature reserve. Archaeological finds have shown people lived and fished here in the stone age and the eels sheds are frequent along the coast. The whole area is a nature reserve - it is forbidden to park your van/camper overnight, light a fire, bike in the nature and your dog must be kept in a lead. Check all the rules and restrictions further down on this site.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are lots of small footpaths and tractor tracks along the whole coast, but no marked hiking trails. There is also a footpath suitable for wheelchairs from the car park, by Kongaboden in the central part of the site, down to a viewing platform made accessible to disabled visitors. Check the Friseboda map.

Camping cars and vans are forbidden overnight 

It is forbidden to park and camp overnight in van or camper in Friseboda recreation area and nature reserve. We recommend to stay overnight at Rigeleje camping and Martins rökeri and camping. At the northern parking "Frisebodaboden", cars/campervans class 2 are not allowed between 22-06, but they are welcome daytime. Look at the road signs. At the southern and mid-parking "Kongaboden" and "Stockholmsboden". it is forbidden to park your van/camper June 1st-Sept 1st. In this period we only allow cars class 1 on these two parking lots. Motorcyclists will be able to park at certain marked areas. Look at the road signs. We will have parking attendants patrolling the area.

No biking in Friseboda nature reserve

It is forbidden to bike in the nature and trails in this nature reserve. Only allowed to pass through at the Sydtostleden.

Horse riding 

In the northern part you have riding area and trail. Check the map!


Swimming is an obvious activity for the summertime at Friseboda. Bear in mind that strong winds from the sea can cause dangerous underwater currents.


The east coast of Skåne is known for its good sea trout fishing. It is, however, forbidden to fish from the 15th of September to the 30thof April.


There are no designated picnic areas on this site.

Find us

Friseboda is situated south of Åhus alongside the Scanian east coast. There are three parking areas within the area. You can access all three from the road 19.

By car+

From road 19, follow sign toward Åhus onto road 118. After about 3 km there are signs toward Friseboda. Follow the tarmac road straight ahead. Take a right on Slussvägen. Take the first left for the northern parking area or the third left for Kongaboden. 

To get to the parking area Stockholmsboden, follow sign post toward Olseröd from road 19. After about 1 km, follow sign toward Nyagrop. Follow this road about 3 km to the parking area.

Gps to parking

Norra parkeringen:
WGS84 DDM 55°48.681'N, 14°12.356'E
RT90 6188085, 1399732

WGS84 DDM 55°47.306'N, 14°12.055'E
RT90 6185541, 1399359


Useful information


The viewing platforms in the north and south are accessibility adapted, as are the trails from the parking area. The area is certified by Equality.

Nature reserve

All of Friseboda recreation area is also a nature reserve. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area it is forbidden to park overnight in van/camper car, light a fire and to bike other than at the passing Sydostleden trail. Though, it is allowed to camp in tent or hammock. In the nature reserve, dogs must be kept in a lead. No dogs are allowed to enter the beach May 1st-Sept 30. Read all the rules.


In parts of this area an EU funded project is taking place to restore sand dunes and heath. For more information visit sandlife.se

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