About Finnstorp

On the southern hills of the Söderåsen ridge lies the recreation area of Finnstorp, an easily accessible area and a popular destination since the turn of the century. Here, you will find varying landscape with beech trees, areas of planted spruce and two ponds created in a previous alder bog. A perfect little area for a daytrip or shorter walks.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are four footpaths at Finnstorp, the shortest goes around the pond Fiskedammen and is half a kilometre long and the longest is 2.7 kilometres long. Check out the hiking map here.


You can fish for tench, roach and perch in the pond Fiskedammen. Fishing is free of charge. It is, however, forbidden to fish in Fågeldammen, where the birdlife should be left undisturbed.


Watch for birds, such as heron, coots, goldeneyes and mallards at the Fågeldammen. 


There are several picnic areas at Finnstorp. At the parking east of Fiskedammen there is also a barbecue area with benches under a roof.

Remember the Right of Public Access & responsibilities

Make safe fire in the specified fireplaces (check our map). Stay overnight in tent or hammock one night. Don't break and cut branches, twigs or bark from living trees that can die. Take you litter home with you or to the garbage bin. Keep your dog in a lead March 1-Aug 20 to protect wildlife. Read more.

Find us

From Kågeröd follow signs toward Stenestad. The recreation area is about 3 km from here. Bus 230 goes between Helsingborg C – Svalöv – Teckomatorp and stops at Kågeröd Lunnaskolan, about 2 km from the area.

By public transport+

Bus 230, Helsingborg C-Svalöv-Teckomatorp, stops every day at "Kågeröd Lunnaskolan" which is southeast of the area. From here it is about a 2 km walk along a fairly calm country road with, at times, narrow roadside.

By car+

In Kågeröd (where road 106 and 109 meet), follow signs toward Stenestad. From here it is about 3 km to the area. There are sign posts to four different parking areas.

Gps to parking at Fiskedammen

WGS84 DDM 56°1.342'N, 13°6.722'E
RT90 6213697, 1332082

Useful information


From the barbecue hut, over the bridge of the ponds and up to the picnic area it is accessibility adapted. The area is certified by Equality.

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