About Djurholmen

Djurholmen recreation area on the southern slopes of the ridge Hallandsåsen is the place for you who are looking for quiet and seclusion. Quite simply a little more wilderness. There is an impressive wetland, a ravine with a small waterfall and masses of woodland. If you are lucky you might come across elk and black grouse. The western part, the nature reserve Djurholmamossen, has a vulnerable wildlife and special rules/restrictions. Check them out further down on this site.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

The hiking trails in Djurholmen are relatively short, but are interlinked, making it possible to go on a longer hike for 6-8 km. The signs along the Mossestigen Trail 4,4 km describe how the bog was formed, grew in depth and how people made use of it. The other trails are Gubbalyckestigen 2,1 km and Grönalidsstigen 1,7 km through the deep Århult ravine and stream. Also you have the shorter Källstigen 1,5 km. Check out the hiking map here.

Bellheather, chanterelles and wild berries

In July and August the mire is a blaze of pink bellheather. In late summer you can also pick blueberries and wild raspberries and in autumn chanterelle mushrooms. 

Wildlife watching

The best place to watch for wildlife is probably from the eight metre high viewing tower at the bog. If you get up at dawn in the early spring, you may have a chance of hearing the display of the black grouse and capercaillie. Elk frequent the area. 

Cultural history

There are remains such as clearance cairns, ruins and stone mounds across the whole site from those who once lived here – farmers, jacks, crofters and tenants. These remains are dense along the trails
Gubbelyckastigen and Källstigen. By the stream Århultabäcken there are remnants of the small mill which, through water power, ground the families' grain into flour.


There are three picnic areas with benches and tables, two of which have a barbecue.

Remember that you are in two nature reserve Djurholmamossen & Århultsbäcken - amd elsewhere remember #therightofpublicaccesswithobligations

Keep in mind that the nature reserve has special rules. In Djurholmamossen nature reserve you must keep your dog in a lead and you can’t make fire. In Århultsbäcken nature reserve you need to keep your dog in a lead, you can't light a fire and bike. Find all the rules at local signs and here our website. In the rest of the area you have to follow Allemansrätten, The Right of Public Access.

Find us

Djurholmen is situated on the southern side of the ridge Hallandsåsen. Exit the E6 toward Hjärnarp (exit 37) and then follow signs toward Hjärnarp and Djurholmen. Djurholmen is about 8 km from Hjärnarp.

By car+

From the E6, take the exit toward Hjärnarp (exit 37), drive toward Hjärnarp and follow sign posts toward "Djurholmen" from there for about 8 km. The last bit is along a gravel road. You can ignore the sign marking the end of public road ("Här slutar allmän väg"). The parking is a few minutes ahead, after a right turn by a small road sign.

Gps to parking

WGS84 DDM 56°20.452'N, 13°1.735'E
RT90 6249350, 1328330

Useful information

Nature reserve

Parts of the recreation area are nature reserve, the mire Djurholmamossen and Århultsbäcken. Protect the vulnerable nature by following the rules. At Djurholmamossen, for example do not light a fire other than at fire places (at the parking area, marked on our map), always keep your dog in a lead and do not break branches/damage trees. Read all the rules. At Århultsbäcken, for example do not light a fire other than at the fire places (marked on our map), always keep your dog in a lead, don't bike outside the roads and don't dig for plants. Read all the rules.

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