About Breanäs

Breanäs is the place for those of you seeking a bit more wilderness. Go for daily hikes at the three different trails. At this small site along the western shore of Lake Immeln, you can find magical, dense woodlands, several old quarries and an arboretum with different sorts of trees. You can fish and go canoeing in Lake Immeln.

Do and experience

Hiking and walking

There are three short hiking trails in the area. There is a 300 metre long footpath suitable for disabled visitors, which is slightly inclined and takes you down to the peninsula. The two kilometre long tree footpath goes to an arboretum. Check out the hiking map for Breanäs recreation area. The Skåneleden Trail passes through the site and continues into the adjacent Kullaskogen Recreation Area.


You can fish for perch, bream, pike, roach, common whitefish and trout in Lake Immeln. Remember to buy a fishing permit trough Immelns Fiske or Ifiske.


The lake system around Lake Immeln is perfect to explore from a canoe. The camp site with a wind shelter at Breanäs is also intended for canoeists. You can rent canoes at Immeln Canoe Centre.


There is a public swimming area in the southeastern parts of the recreation area.

Stay the night

There is a camp site with a shelter and a barbecue area, primarily intended for canoeists. Next to the parking lot you will also find The Breanäs Hotel.

Historical detour

Northwest of Breanäs in the adjacent Kullaskogen recreation area lies Rodatorpet, a soldier's croft from the early 1800's which is open to the public. There are guided tours and different activities here.

Remember the Right of Public Access & responsibilities

Make safe fire in the specified fireplaces (check our map). Stay overnight in tent or hammock one night. Don't break and cut branches, twigs or bark from living trees that can die. Take you litter home with you or to the garbage bin. Keep your dog in a lead March 1-Aug 20 to protect wildlife. Read more.

Find us

From Lönsbodavägen there are signs toward Breanäs. Bus 541, Sibbhult - Lönsboda, stops every weekday at "Breanäs Lönsbodavägen". From here, follow the road about 1 km to get to the recreation area.

By car+

From Lönsbodavägen there are signs toward Breanäs. Take the third gravel road on your right (there are currently no sign posts here). After about 300 m you will have the parking area on you left.

Bus 541, Sibbhult - Lönsboda, stops every weekday at "Breanäs Lönsbodavägen". From here, follow the road about 1 km until you reach the trail waymarked in red. 

Gps to parking

WGS84 DDM 56°16.797'N, 14°17.793'E
RT90 6240126, 1406553

By public transport+

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