About Bockeboda

Bockeboda recreation area is situated on the Nävlingeåsen ridge, west of Kristianstad. Here, you will meet spruce forest in the north and mixed broadleaved woodland in the south. The hundred year old oak trees in Uddarp are particularly valuable and are included in the theme "Valuable tree habitats in the agricultural landscape" of Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve. Bockatorpet is a hub for several trails for hiking, running or skiing.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

All of the footpaths and running tracks start from the main centre at Bockatorpet in the north, from the car park at Uddarp in the southeast or from a small car park in the middle of the site. Many of the jogging trails north of Bockatorpet are on private land. Between Bockatorpet and Uddarp there is the yellow trail which is about 10 km.

Nature and Culture Trail

There are small informationboards along the 6 kilometre Nature and Culture trail that describe historical places and natural environments in the area (only in Swedish).

Sports centre

There is a sports centre at Bockatorpet, which is run by the local sports club: www.harlovsif.se/bockatorp


In the winter, when there is snow, tracks are made by the local sports club so that you can go cross-country skiing in the area. More information about the conditions:

Food and accommodation

There are plenty of picnic areas. There is a restaurant at Skepparslöv Golf Course and there is a café and Bed & Breakfast at Bockebodagården. At Bockebodagården there is also Bed and Box for those who bring their horses with them.

The surroundings

Eat, stay and find things to do near the recreation area: visit www.kristianstad.se or visitskane.se

Find us

Bockeboda is about 10 km west of Kristianstad. Exit the road 21, toward Önnestad and Bockeboda and follow signs toward Bockeboda. Bus 554 stops 2 km from the southern parking.

By public transport+

Every weekday, bus 554 between Kristianstad C - Äspehult, takes you to "Skepparslöv kyrkan" southeast of the recreation area. From here, it is about a 2 km walk to the southern parking area along a calm road.

By car+

From road 21, head toward Önnestad and Bockeboda. Follow signs toward Bockeboda. For the northern parking area, take a left onto Bockebodavägen and then follow signs toward Bockatorpet. For the southern parking area, head toward Skepparslöv. By the church, Skepparslöv kyrka, follow the sign toward Uddarp.

Gps to parking

WGS84 (lat, lon) 56.035813, 13.994479
RT90 6213399, 1387132

WGS84 (lat, lon) 56.014265, 14.039669
RT90 6210927, 1389887

Useful information

Ownership and maintenance

The recreation area is owned by the foundation Stiftelsen O D Krooks Donation i L-län, which is managed by the Scanian Landscape Foundation. Kristianstad municipality is responsible for the area around Bockatorpet. The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for the remaining southern parts. The recreation area is also part of the theme "Valuable tree habitats in the agricultural landscape" of Kristianstad Vattenrikes Biosphere Reserve.

Funding from the EU

The Scanian Landscape Foundation and Kristianstad municipality have worked together to develop this area. Parts of the recreation area were developed between the years 2013-2014 with funding from the EU and the rural development programme of the County Administrative Board.



There is a accessibility adapted footpath of 1.9 kilometres at Uddarp in the south east and a barbecue area and toilet that are accessible for disabled visitors by the parking area. The area is certified by Equality.

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