About Arriesjön

Lake Arresjön is situated just over ten kilometres from Malmö – once a quarry and now an oasis in the industrialised agricultural landscape. It is a smaller site, with easy access. It has viewing and fishing platforms, footpaths suitable for wheelchairs and several places where you can barbecue.

Do and experience

Walking and rambling

Lake Arriesjön is perfect for shorter walks. Bear in mind that some of the paths do go up and down in the hilly landscape. Several of the paths are suitable for disabled visitors and there are benches alongside the footpaths if you need a rest.


There is a 3,2 kilometre long horse riding track on the site. Please respect that riding on other paths is not permitted. You are not permitted to go bathing with your horse from the sandy beach.


There is an obstacle course for children set up next to the industrial building.


You can fish for perch, pike, roach and rudd in Lake Arriesjön. There is a fishing platform suitable for disabled users. Remember to buy a fishing permit.
More information: www.arriefiske.se


There is a rich birdlife at Lake Arriesjön. Greylag geese, barnacle geese and a large number of duck species nest here. There are colonies of common tern and black headed gulls which nest on the islands. The lake with its dense thickets is a good place to rest up for many migrating birds. In order to avoid disturbing the birds you are not allowed to go ashore on the islands. The best place to watch for birds is possibly from one of the two viewing platforms, both of which have been made accessible to disabled visitors.


There are several picnic places on the site, with benches, tables and fire places. One of the barbecue areas is suitable for disabled visitors.


Our visitors tend to swim by the southern parking but there is no prepared area. Swimming is at your own risk, bear in mind that the lake quickly becomes very deep. For your safety, we have put out a live preserver on the site.

Ice skating

In the winter it is possible to go ice skating on the lake. But bear in mind that you do this at your own risk. Natural ice is a living and constantly changing material.

The industrial building

The century-old industrial building bears witness to the heyday of the gravel pit. 

Find us

Lake Arriesjön is about 10 km from Malmö. From the road 101, follow signs toward Törringe. Bus 379 goes between Vellinge and Ingelstad and stops at Arrie skola, 1 km from the southern parking.

By public transport+

Bus 379 (Vellinge - Ingelstad) makes two stops in Arrie ("Arrie Bigårdsvägen" and "Arrie skolan"). From "Arrie skolan" it is about 1 km to the southern parking.

By car+

From road 101, follow signs toward Törringe. To get to the industrial building, turn left again toward Törringe and then take a right toward "Arriesjön" to get to the parking. If you want to get to the swimming area, when you come off road 101, follow the road straight ahead toward Bröddarp. Then take a left toward "Arriesjön" to get to the parking.

Gps to parking

The industrial building:
WGS84 DDM 55°31.401'N, 13°6.077'E
RT90 6158186, 1329242

The southern parking:
WGS84 DDM 55°31.037'N, 13°5.957'E
RT90 6157516, 1329090

Useful information


Many of the trails, as well as the two viewing platforms and toilets, are accessible to wheelchairs. The route to the accessible path is very steep. If you want to get to the disabled parking, call +46 (0)415-512 45 (daytime between 8 am and 4 pm) to get the code for the barrier. The recreation area is certified by Swedish Equality.

Nature reserve

A large portion of Lake Arriesjön recreation area is a nature reserve dedicated to recreation. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in this area. For example, you need to always keep your dog on a lead, only ride your horse on dedicated tracks and only make a fire in dedicated fireplaces.

EU project

The recreation area was developed between the years 2009-2012 with funding from the EU and the rural development program "landsbygdsprogrammet" of the County Administrative Board.

EU Commission's website for agriculture and rural development


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