About us

About us

The Scanian Landscape Foundation is responsible for 19 recreation areas spread out over the whole of Skåne. Our aim is that people can experience nature regardless of interests, capabilities, previous experiences or habits.

The Foundation was formed in 2004 by the Skåne Regional Council to protect, conserve, restore and develop natural and cultural sites as well as to encourage recreation. In September 2010, we became an independent organisation, with an annual grant from the Skåne Regional Council for the elements of our work which benefit the general public (the recreation areas, outdoor education activities and Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre).

We cover an area of about 10 000 hectares, of which almost twenty percent is protected as nature reserves. Some of this is owned by the Scanian Landscape Foundation, but we also manage land on behalf of five other foundations. The land is used for our recreation areas, but we also undertake forestry, which should provide an income for the foundations.

19 recreation areas

In all of our recreation areas there is an infrastructure of plenty of hiking trails, information signs, toilets, picnic and barbecue areas as well as observation towers for birdwatching. In two of our areas there are cottages to rent. Two of our areas are staffed - Fulltofta and Snogeholm. For those looking for more wilderness there are areas that are less convenient. We try to create a balance by also having recreation areas with a less ambitious infrastructure.

Outdoor education
Some of our recreation areas are used for our outdoor educational activities, where 8000 children annually experience nature with a guide. We offer a wide range of activities for school groups in cooperation with different organisations.

Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre
Our largest investment is Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre, an interactive exhibition and café at the heart of Fulltofta recreation area. The people, the countryside and the traces we leave behind us are the main themes of the exhibition. Up until August 2014, Fulltofta Nature and Visitor Centre including the café and exhibition was run by Edskog Natur. Since the 17th of August we have run this ourselves as part of developing the Nature and Visitor Centre.

Nature and culture conservation
As a relatively large landowner, we have a responsibility to manage our land so that biodiversity, different types of landscape and cultural environments are conserved and developed. But we also want to take care, raise awareness and improve access to places of interest to our visitors - both cultural remnants and valuable natural environments. The largest contributions made are in thenature reserves and Natura 2000 sites that are managed by the Foundation.


Alongside our operations related to recreationwhich are funded through grants, we  manage our own land and that of five otherfoundations. On parts of the land, we conduct forestry, whichprovides an income to the foundations  but also aims to be respectful of the environment and social values.

The Skåneleden Trail
The Scanian Landscape Foundation is also responsible for some of the work related to the Skåneleden Trail. In April 2011, the Skåne Regional Council took over primary responsibility for the Trail, with particular responsibility for development issues. Our role is to deal with the practical activities associated with managing the Trail. This means that we, for example, coordinate the work with all of the district councils associated with the Skåneleden Trail. Each district then carries out the maintenance and upkeep of the part of the Trail which travels through their district.