Eurorando 2016

Hiking event in Skåne

September 10 to 17 hikers from all over Europe come to Skåne. We are arranging three day hikes in Fulltofta, Klåveröd and Snogeholm.

Eurorando is one of Europe’s biggest hiking events. 2016 it is Skåne and the Swedish tourist association (STF) who are hosting Eurorando. More info at

Out of the 80 day hikes, we are arranging three in Fulltofta, Klåveröd and Snogeholm. In Fulltofta we are also hosting an evening activity - Nordic BBQ.

A taste of the forest - Fulltofta

The 15 kilometre hike follows the trail Magnhilds slinga through varied landscape with forests and cultural remnants. This day hike will take us through beautiful, old beech forest, heath land and pastures, along winding creeks and ravines. At lunch and smaller breaks, we'll taste some of the wild treats of the forest and visit the stork enclosure.

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(package 3, hike 2b)

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From the Skorstensdalen valley to Traneröd's bog - Klåveröd

The 15 kilometre hike takes you through Klåveröd's spectacular and, in parts, hilly landscape up on the Söderåsen Ridge. We'll pass the valley Skorstensdalen where the mountain formations create tall towers and out onto Traneröd's bog, one of Skåne's few untouched bogs. Those who wish can climb the viewing tower of Skåne's highest point, Höjehall. We'll begin and end the day at Klåveröd's hostel and café who also prepare our lunch packs for the day.

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(package 2, hike 1a)

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Lots of woods, a bit of fish, and everything in-between - Snogeholm

During the roughly 17 kilometre long hike, we'll move through open pastures with views of the lake, through both old forests of tall beech trees and open juniper pasture. We'll also pass Snogeholm Castle with its long history. At lunch we'll have a view of Lake Snogeholmssjön. There are several viewing towers along the trail, where we can look out over the landscape or watch one of the area's many kites through binoculars.

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(package 6, hike 3a)

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Nordic BBQ

Fulltofta's deep forests welcome you to a night out of the ordinary. While a boar is roasted over an open fire, you'll be entertained by a minstrel and storytellers.

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(addition to package 3)

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